Who is Tom?​

My name is Tommaso, I’m 27 years old and I was born in Trento, a city of the northern part of Italy. After my High School Diploma I decided to graduate in Economics, enrolling first in my hometown and then finishing my academic career in North Carolina, US, thanks to a sports scholarship by playing in the college soccer team. Once I got back to Italy, I wanted to keep playing because I always loved that sport. After two years of working in a 9-to-5 job as a Junior Controller, I understood that the typical “desk job” wasn’t fit for me: at that time Tom’s Archive was going strong as I had built a following and an archive that held more than a hundred Stone Island clothing pieces. I didn’t want to purse a life that I didn’t enjoy to the fullest so I decided to quit my job and dedicate all my energies on my page and the Tom’s Archive project. Being able to have contacts with such a wide variety of people from all over the world really opened my eyes on the benefits and strong influence that Stone Island continues to have today. Betting everything on it: that was the decision that changed everything for me and that made this E-Commerce possible. Together with the help of my girlfriend, that is currently in charge of the photographs and logistics, and with the support of my friends and family, I hope that this website will be an extension of the Tom’s Archive Instagram Page and to be able to keep its relevancy through the years.

How did the Tom's Archive idea come to light?​​​

Since a very young age, I always had a fascination for military apparel and, specifically, for the brand Stone Island. There was something about its culture, story and development through the years that I found not only interesting per se but also inspiring: the growth of a brand founded by single man’s ideas and the struggles to find a relevant place in the Italian fashion industry of the 1980’s and the belief of merging work and military concepts to the colorful and eclectic style of the “Paninari”. Together with this already present love for Stone Island specifically, after the lockdown which followed the Covid-19 epidemic, I noticed an increasingly high interest in second hand clothing and the collection of particular types of clothes. So I started to reach out and try to find Stone Island clothes here and there; then I got some more and decided to create an Instagram page. At first, it was just a way to show off my rarest finds or favorite pieces, but then other collectors and brand enthusiasts started to ask me if they were on sale, how much did they cost and how did I find them. Some clothes I wanted to keep for myself at all costs, others, after some consideration, I’ve could have let go. The request and hype was so high that I decided not just to look for Stone Island clothes for myself but to search for particular jackets, crewnecks and pants, upload them on my page and see how the followers responded. Needless to say the requests came quickly and so Tom’s Archive was officially born.

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